There's a lot to see in Pieterburen.
International famous the Seal-hospital from Lenie 't Hart.
The oldest botanic garden of The Netherlands(Domies Toen).
And last but not least all the villages around!

Did you know there's another botanic garden in Den Andel, "Hof van Ootje"?

A lot of scenery, the Waddensea, the Lauwersmeer, the Aboretum in Eenrum.
Not to forget art and culture, many galleries also in Pieterburen, sculptures in Westernieland, gallery de Pronkkoamer in Saaxumhuizen, gallery "de Hugt" in Ulrum.

And all the antique-shops!
In Pieterburen are already 5 of them!
Uithuizen:."Boerma's antiekhoeve" (20 km).

Pieterburen: The coffee and grocery-museum from Alice Streekstra.
25 kilometers further: The museum from Groningen with many modern art exhibitions!