All about mudwalks:

Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter
Mudwalks all over the year possible...

With the oldest organisation from Pieterburen:
Dijkstra's Wadlooptochten


Also the Royal family walked (september 2005) with
Dijkstra's wadlooptochten...

If you are lucky you can spot seals in the wild!

Other organisations/guides:

For more private walks choose for 
Dick Wiebenga (max 12 persons) or Lammert Kwant.

Ice walking wiht Lammert Kwant!

Naar Ameland januari 2006. Foto: Hildo Bos


Mudwalks with Dick Wiebenga
Dick is already a guide sinces 1967.
His walks are all about nature. His stories are famous.
Maximum persons 12 and also children very welcome!




Also mudwalks and nice arrangements
Wadlopen Pieterburen


Stichting Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen


You prefer to go by boat? Take a look at

To the seals by a fast rescue boat?
Rib-varen on the waddensea